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November 2015

Subversive Soufflés?

A common sexist line is that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Well, perhaps that is where the battle for women’s rights began. Apparently, American suffragists published a cookbook that peppered bona fide culinary recipes with propaganda encouraging women on the right to vote.

Add a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of wit. Serves sharp-tongued feminists and thick-skulled chauvinists alike.

Check out a few recipes such as the “Mother’s Election Cake” and a “Pie for a Suffragist’s Doubting Husband” (recipe below): Continue reading “Subversive Soufflés?”




Suffrage was a pretty new idea in the 1910s, so we wanted to find out some other things that Edwardian Torontonians were just getting used to. Did you know that crossword puzzles were invented in 1913? You can find a whole list of inventions from the 1910s here.FirstCrossword.jpg


Creating a tableau in rehearsal

>>> Inspired by war monuments and memorials

Suffragettes do #Movember



In Times Like These: A Canadian Suffragette’s Manifesto

Nellie McClung- the most famous of the Canadian suffragettes- is hardly a household name (Although she does have a heritage minute).

McClung was instrumental in the Winnipeg Mock Parliament of 1914- a theatrical event where women posing as politicians debated the question “should men vote?”. In addition to her support of women’s suffrage, McClung was a writer, mother and (concerningly) a eugenicist.

Continue reading “In Times Like These: A Canadian Suffragette’s Manifesto”

Their Hearts Were Full of Song

Suffrage Songs and Verses, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1911)

67 Wall Street, New York


——– Continue reading “Their Hearts Were Full of Song”

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