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November 2015

All Things Edwardian Etiquette

Downton Abbey enthusiast, Evangeline Holland, has been compiling an extensive blog on Edwardian history, fashion, and comportment since 2007.

Links here:


A Young Lady’s Guide to Dancing, Conversing, and Fainting

From The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness, by Florence Hartley (originally published in 1872)

Read the full text online at Project Gutenberg. 

Straw Feminists in the Closet

Who’s afraid of the big, bad feminist?

An oldie but a goodie, from the webcomic Hark, a vagrant by Kate Beaton. Featuring commentary on (primarily) North American history, it’s like The Oatmeal for history buffs.

Link to the comic here.

Eugenics and Syphilis: The less glamorous incentives for women’s suffrage in Canada

From a 1978 article by Carol Bacchi:

The purity problem seems to have been the main issue over which the suffragists displayed sex antagonism, uniting in a sisterhood of sorts against the men. It angered them that the prostitute consistently played the villain while the man got off with a nominal fine.

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