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December 2015

TLDR version of Women’s Suffrage in Canada

1883: The Canadian Women’s Suffrage Association is born.

1916: Manitoba is the first province to grant the vote to women.

1917: The Wartime Election Act gives the vote to women who are closely related to a man in service (e.g., spouse or next-of-kin)

1918: Sir Robert Borden (Prime Minister of Canada) introduces a bill to extend the vote to *nearly* all women.

1921: Agnes MacPhail elected to the Dominion House and serves 3 terms.

1929: Established women’s right to sit in the Senate

1930: Mrs. Carine MacKay Wilson appointed the first woman senator.




Emma Goldman in Toronto

Yes, if I had life to live over again, I might avoid some of my mistakes, but in the fundamentals — in the light of the war and of Russia — I am more convinced than ever that nothing else but liberty as the basis of society and of life will ever solve the present problems of the world.” —Emma Goldman

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