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March 2016

Anti-Suffrage Arguments

From Ann Coulter to the (American) National Association Opposed to Women’s Suffrage, here are a handful of ludicrous reasons why women, bless their uteruses, should not vote: Continue reading “Anti-Suffrage Arguments”


The darker side of first-wave feminism

Eugenic feminist ideas in Canada as elsewhere crossed a broad spectrum, from birth control to sexual sterilization of the so-called “unfit,” but all these ideas were represented with reference to the “natural” disposition of women to have the best interests of the society at heart: not self-preservation but “race” preservation; not personal advancement but the advancement of the “race.” (Cecily Devereux;

Continue reading “The darker side of first-wave feminism”


Votes for Women (and Other Lies) will be presented at the Fringe Creation Lab.

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Saturday, May 14th - 8 PM

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