Rachel Romanoski as Charlotte Haverford.

Charlotte Haverford is based on Constance Hamilton, the first woman to be elected to the Toronto city council in 1920. She was married to Lachlan Alexander Hamilton (a wealthy railroad executive) and was known as Mrs. L. A. Hamilton in the newspapers. During her election campaign in 1920, newspapers published the list of city council candidates along with their occupations- Mrs Hamilton’s occupation was listed as “lady”.

Mrs. Hamilton joined the Canadian suffrage association relatively late in the game at around 1912ish. In 1914 she publicly accused Flora MacDonald Denison and the CSA executives of withholding the CSAs annual elections in order to keep her and other “Rosedale socialites” out of the leadership.

Mrs Hamilton eventually became the president of the CSA, and received criticism in 1917 for publicly supporting conscription and Robert Borden’s Wartime Elections Act, which allowed women to vote-but only on the condition that they had a close male relative serving overseas. Constance had no children, and her husband was too old to serve in the war, so even though the law was passed, she was not able to vote herself.